A weekly subscription of 8-10 vegetables over 10 alternating weeks from June-November 2022 (dates to be announced). We strive to use as little plastic packaging as possible. Members are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags to their pick-up. Please read our CSA Agreement and select your pick-up location. 

CSA Bi-Weekly Share (10 weeks)

  • By purchasing a CSA subscription from Backyard Edibles, I am agreeing to the following:

    • as a member I share the bounty of the farm, but also the risks such as potential crop failures associated with farming that are beyond the control of the farmer.
    • as a member I am responsible for picking up my share on a weekly basis. If I am unable to pick up on a given week I will provide 24hrs notice and arrange for someone else to pick up for me.
    • as a member I am aware if I do not give notice or have someone else pick up my share I am forfeiting that week's share and no refund will be issued.
    • only for bi-weekly members: as a member I understand I am only picking up my share on alternating weeks for 10 weeks as indicated at the beginning of the season
    • as a member I understand if I am no longer able to pick up my share during the course of the season I will notify the farmers and am responsible to find someone to take over my share if I do so please. 
    • as a member I understand I cannot customize my share (unless I have a certain food allergy) as each share is predetermined and represents what is available on the farm on a given week.